Tuesday, July 21, 2015

The Sandra Bland Dashcam Video...

A few days ago, I saw a video of a white guy being stopped at a DUI checkpoint in Tennessee.  He rolled his window down partly.  The cop demanded that the guy roll his window all the way down, and the guy refused, stating that as long as the cop can hear and see him, he's fine.  The cop demanded that the guy identify himself, and the guy refused, citing his Constitutional rights.  The cop used some trickery with a police dog to suggest that there may be a suspicion of drugs.  The dog followed the commands and made actions as if the dog detected drugs.  With that, the cop was able to search the guy's car without his consent.

Upon searching the car (on a bogus search), the cop talks to another cop, and they commend the guy (when he was out of earshot) on knowing his Constitutional rights.  They then see that they are being recorded.  The guy lives to tell the tale and post the video.

Contrast that to the Sandra Bland video, where the cop demanded that she get out of her car because she wouldn't put out her cigarette.  He manhandled her and threatened to taze her.  Now, you can't tell me that someone who is willing to put up a fight for her Constitutional rights suddenly becomes suicidal.  You can't tell me that a woman who recognized that she was being mistreated (and who TRIED TO RECORD THE INCIDENT HERSELF and said that she will take this to court) suddenly decided to end it all.  I'm no health care expert, but that dash cam video does not reveal a person surrendering in a struggle with mental illness. I saw a woman who wasn't going down without a fight, and I'm very suspicious that in jail, the cops gave her a little "tune-up" to adjust her "attitude."

I couldn't watch all of it, but I saw more than enough of what was needed.

"...and you want us to say 'God bless America?!  NO, NO, NO... not God BLESS America..."

You said it, Doctor.   You said it all right there...

Saturday, July 11, 2015


Welcome to the Chronicles Of S.A.L.T. (Socially Awkward Life of Ty).  See the welcome mat?  Come on in.

What can you expect here?  Well, this will be a consolidation of the things that I currently blog about, like politics, and faith and spirituality.  I will try to post about music that I like, pop culture, my hobbies (including photography), and maybe post about semi-personal and awkward things, like dating and health.

I got the idea to consolidate my blogs by following people like My Name Is Not Matt, Real Awkward Moments, the great Awesomely Luvvie, and a few others. 

This blog is an ever-evolving process of trying to find my voice, express myself, and maybe even become less awkward (if such a thing is possible via the internet).  So, have some tea, kick your feet up, and thank you for visiting my little corner of the interwebs.